Moviemaker Robert Rodriguez kept Lady GaGa's first visit to the set of Machete Kills from some of his cast and crew - because he didn't want her to be mobbed by fans.

The pop superstar has a cameo in the sequel and Rodriguez knew she'd never get anything done on set if her fellow castmates all knew she was going to be there.

Actress Alexa Vega was among the fans who missed out on a meeting with Gaga, and she tells Wenn she was duped: "Of course the day that Lady Gaga came to the set everybody was so excited to meet her, especially me. I didn't want to bug Robert, but I finally just flat out said, 'Listen, when Lady Gaga comes to the set...' And he said, 'She was here yesterday'.

"I'm like, 'You're kidding me! You had Lady Gaga on set and you didn't invite me!' I was so bummed."