Veteran actor Robert Redford was happy to sign up to star in stranded-at-sea movie All Is Lost without reading the script, because he was flattered just to be approached for the project.

The Oscar winner admits he was pleasantly surprised to be offered the lone role in the survival drama in 2011 because Margin Call director J.C. Chandor was the first moviemaker to ever attend his Sundance Film Festival in Utah and pitch him a new job at the event, which celebrates independent movies.

Redford tells U.S. breakfast show Today, "He said, 'Would you be in my movie?' And I thought, that's interesting. All the people that I've supported over the years, nobody's ever come forward and asked me to be in their film. I would have taken it (the role) just 'cause he asked."

All Is Lost features barely any dialogue and focuses on the actor's performance alone, and Redford reveals the unusual filmmaking method was a great experience for him.

He says, "I love it because for me, it was pure cinema. It wasn't reliant on special effects, digital, it wasn't going to be heavy in post-production, it was just pure. I loved that. As an actor I like the idea of there not being any interference between you and the experience of the audience, be it dialogue, voice overs, things like that. That was rare. For me it was extremely attractive, I was very drawn to it."