American actor and director Robert Redford has slammed Prime Minister David Cameron 's comment that UK producers should concentrate on making only "commercially successful" films.

"I think that view is a very narrow one and doesn't speak to the broad category of film-makers and artists in the business," Redford told reporters at the launch of the 4-day London Sundance festival on Thursday in Greenwich.

The event showcases twenty-two films and documentaries to capture the essence of the American Sundance festival. "We wanted to bring the alchemy of what we do in Sundance, and see how it was received," he said. "We wanted to move internationally."

After politician Cameron made that statement that he wanted to help producers make pictures "that rival the quality and impact of the best international productions", Redford pointed out that aiming for popularity and money was not always the best idea as you can "lose yourself" in the success.

Robert Redford is best known for his parts in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Horse Whisperer and The Sting. He also directs and stars in the upcoming movie The Company You Keep.

Sundance London runs from 26 to 29 April (2012) at the O2 in London.