Robert Redford is determined to use his voice as a celebrity to air his political views because he can't imagine ever running for office.

The outspoken liberal has lashed out at comments made by those in public office that actors and actresses have no place in politics, insisting he has every right to speak his mind.

And he's determined to do just that every time he gets an opportunity - even if he's promoting a new film, as he is right now in America with AN UNFINISHED LIFE.

The movie veteran says, "Actors have every right to speak out but they carry more responsibility to know what they're talking about. I enjoy lobbing grenades from a distance."

"Right now, I'm frightened for my country."

But Redford insists he can't imagine following California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's lead and running for office: "I would have to be just consumed with ego and self-absorption. When you enter the political arena it's so full of compromise and so full of knots, you tie yourself up."