Robert Redford has laughed off reports his actor pal Paul Newman's retirement was the result of poor health, insisting his BUTCH CASSIDY + THE SUNDANCE KID partner is "doing fine". Newman, 82, announced his retirement in May (07), blaming memory loss and a lack of confidence for his decision - but he's been keeping busy away from the cameras by challenging Redford to badminton matches. Redford tells U.S. chatshow host Larry King, "Somebody said recently (that) he retired because his health was going bad and this is nonsense. The guy beats me in badminton. He's hardly (ill) - he's doing fine." And the Spy Game star has dismissed rumours he was angered at the timing of Newman's retirement, which forced Redford to scrap plans to make a film version of Bill Bryson's wonderful book A Walk In The Woods with his longtime friend. He adds, "I just respect his decision. If that's what he wants to do it's his life. That's his choice. I mean... Paul is my friend and whatever he wants to do is good for me. If he wants to retire, that's his business."