Veteran actor Robert Redford has defended allegations his Sundance Film Festival has become "too commercial" - insisting he cannot control party girls like Paris Hilton from attending. The 71-year-old became involved with the festival in 1981 to help bring exposure to the work of independent filmmakers - but in recent years, it has become more well-known for the famous faces its parties attract. He says, "What happened was the success of it brought the media, and then the merchants came and the stars came. Look, when Paris Hilton comes to the festival, she's coming to the parties. "We're doing the same that we always have, but then the brand names come to take advantage of the festival and they throw parties to promote their brands and they say, 'Come and we'll give you a free coat or a free perfume or we'll take your photo.' I can't control it because it's a free country."