Robert Redford has opened the Sundance Film Festival in dramatic fashion by calling on US leaders to apologise for the war in Iraq.

The Hollywood legend made his comments during the screening of a film recalling protests about the Vietnam War.

Although Redford said that he initially supported his leaders' decision and decided to show a "spirit of unity" with president George Bush, he no longer feels this trust in US politicians.

"We put all our concerns on hold to let the leaders lead," Redford told the audience gathered to watch the documentary Chicago 10.

"I think we're owed a big, massive apology," he added.

Redford, whose Sundance Institute for independent films backs the festival, usually focusses on the films themselves and avoids politics in his opening address.

More than 120 films will be screened throughout the ten-day festival which ends on January 28th, including a focus on films from Native American and indigenous filmmakers. A celebration of the link between music and film will also take place.

19/01/2007 16:27:23