Hollywood star OWEN WILSON says that he would like to come back and haunt the men in charge of the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL - because they turned down the first movie he wrote and now take credit for it.

The SHANGHAI KNIGHTS star, 34, submitted BOTTLE ROCKET - co-written with the film's director WES ANDERSON - to the festival and was declined.

Yet when festival founder Robert Redford's career was honoured at the 2002 OSCARS a clip from the film was shown as part of the veteran's work at Sundance.

Owen says, "It's an injustice that still sticks in my craw. I'm not going to say they let in some sh***y movies but there was no way that film couldn't have been in the top 20 movies accepted that year.

"Last year at the Academy Awards, ROBERT REDFORD received an Honorary Award and when they showed his work at Sundance they showed a clip of Bottle Rocket.

"It was never at Sundance! And now they take the credit for it."