Early trade reviews of Lions for Lambs, starring Robert Redford and Tom Cruise, which premiered Monday at the London Film Festival, suggest that it is likely to face the same difficulties attracting ticket buyers as other recent films targeting the war in Iraq. Ray Bennett writes today (Wednesday) in the Hollywood Reporter: "Boxoffice response to films dealing with the U.S. government's strategies in the Middle East so far suggests that the public is not eager to grapple with the topic onscreen. Redford's film will appeal to those who feel that today's military sacrifices are being made on false premises, but its responsible tone could draw a more widely appreciative audience." In Daily Variety, Derek Elley comments that the screenwriter, Matthew Michael Carnahan, "uses a lot of words to say nothing new" and that the movie amounts to "the movie equivalent of an Off Broadway play." Noting that the film is the first for United Artists since Cruise began running the studio, Elley concludes that Lions "doesn't look likely to roar its way to significant [box-office] gains."