Actor/director Robert Redford suspects U.S. officials deliberately tried to prevent him from shooting scenes for his new movie, LIONS FOR LAMBS, at a Washington government office building - because of his liberal reputation. Redford wanted to film actress Meryl Streep leaving the Russell Senate Office Building, and although his request was initially granted, it was later mysteriously turned down. The 71-year-old filmmaker ended up turning to Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama for help. He says, "For the new film, I wanted a shot of Meryl Streep, who plays a veteran political journalist, coming down the steps of the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington. "I was initially told it wasn't a problem. Word finally got back that the head of security wanted to speak to me directly. Directly? I thought that was odd. He ended up telling me no, which seemed to give him a certain amount of pleasure. "Then, when our production designer inquired about taking measurements inside the building so we could recreate it for our sets - not an uncommon request, we started hearing questions like, 'Is this that Redford movie?' The tone of the question suggested it would be some sort of lefty picture, as if I were going to shoot down the whole building. "In the end, we put in a call to Barack Obama, and he made it possible to get what we needed."