The two rockers sat facing the potential jurors who will decide whether the band copied the famous guitar riff in Stairway to Heaven from Spirit's Taurus.

Four men and four women were eventually picked after fans of the group and others were dismissed and the trial proper will begin on Wednesday (15Jun16) with U.S. District Court judge R. Gary Klausner overseeing the case, which was brought against Plant and Page by the trustee of Spirit star Randy Wolfe's estate.

He claims Page came up with the iconic riff after listening to Taurus while on tour with Spirit.

The late Wolfe was asked many times about the similarities between his song and Stairway to Heaven but never considered suing. Following his death the Taurus copyright passed to the trustee, who decided to sue the Led Zeppelin stars several years ago.

The trial is expected to last four to five days.

One of the highlights will be the testimony from the band's musicologist, who will be able to offer up his take on the two songs and their similarities, despite a last-ditch effort to have him tossed for a conflict of interest.

The trustee's attorney, Francis Malofiy, filed a motion to exclude Lawrence Ferrara from testifying, claiming the expert had previously been hired by the plaintiff's publisher to evaluate the similarities between the two songs.