Robert Plant was once mistaken for a woman.

The Led Zeppelin rocker - who is easily recognisable by his long curly blonde hair - said he was once disappointed when he realised people were attending his shows to find out if he was a woman rather than listen to his music.

He explained: "When I played in Essakane, Mali, about five years ago we were rehearsing 'Whole Lotta Love' in this tent and it filled up with locals who, I later found out were discussing whether I was a woman.

"I thought it was because of my singing, but no. They just wanted to know if I was a chick."

The 62-year-old singer admitted that this wasn't the first time he had woman troubles, recalling an incident in the 1980s when he was chased by female extras on the set of his music video in North Africa.

However the legendary lothario revealed he wasn't happy about it.

He said: "I got chased around the sand dunes by a bunch of women we'd hired to come over the dunes doing a Berber dance thing.

"If there'd been a good looking one I could have done a deal, but as it was I kept shouting 'for god's sake, roll the camera!'"