Robert Plant has claimed Elvis Presley became ''trapped'' by the ''ridiculousness'' of fame.

The Led Zeppelin star met the late King of Rock 'n' Roll - who died aged 42 in 1977 - and while he was very grounded at the time, he slowly became embroiled in the tougher side to life as a music icon.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Robert, 69, revealed: ''I mean, I was lucky to meet Elvis at one point, and he was just such a charismatic, funny guy, able to take the p**s out of himself.

''He saw fame for what it was. But as time went on, he got so bored. He was so trapped. It's so important to unhitch that ridiculousness.''

While the 'Whole Lotta Love' rocker is able to open up now about the perils of life in the spotlight, it certainly comes from his own experiences and mistakes over the years.

He added: ''I'm quite often singing about my error. I just don't quite ever get it right. But if I did, I'd probably be having a pipe and slippers and watching a box set of 'The Office', you know?''

Now, the veteran musician - who released his 11th solo album 'Carry Fire' last month - is able to reflect on the important things and not let himself get bogged down worrying about anything for too long.

He explained: ''I'm carrying fire, because it hurts. I'm scarring other people and scarring myself. But no matter how much scarring I do, or how much I run from circumstance, Wolverhampton Wanderers are still at home to Millwall on Saturday, you know?

''And when I finish talking to you, I shall be heading to play five-a-side back home with my friends, until the defibrillator turns up. You've got to carry on.''