Seventies rock icon Robert Plant remembers the heart-stopping moment when he met Elvis Presley for the first time - and was serenaded by the singing legend.

Plant and his band LED ZEPPELIN saw the The King perform in 1975 - and were shocked when he mentioned them during his set.

Plant recalls, "Halfway through he stopped and said, 'We gotta get this right, we've got Led Zeppelin in the building tonight.' I nearly burst into tears."

And the STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN singer had even more in store for him, as a backstage meeting with the star culminated in an unforgettable serenade for Plant.

He explains, "JIMMY (PAGE) told Elvis that I always sang his songs in sound checks and Elvis said, 'Which song of mine do you like singing?'

"I told him it was LOVE ME. So he signed an autograph: 'To Robert, Treat me like a fool' - which is a line from the song.

"Then as we were walking down the corridor he swung round the door-frame and said, 'Hey Robert, (sings) 'Treat me like a fool, treat me mean and cruel...'

"I joined in and the pair of us are singing to each other."

12/05/2005 17:43