Rocker Robert Plant has ditched plans to record a new 2007 album with his standard covers band the HONEYDRIPPERS following the death of Atlantic Records co-founder AHMET ERTEGUN. Ertegun, who died last month (DEC06), was the catalyst for the project, and planned to help Plant put the album together. It would have been the first Honeydrippers release for more than 12 years. But Plant now says he doesn't have the motivation to continue with his recording plans, following the death of his friend. He tells, "He was suggesting material and stuff like that. I knew he was thrilled with the idea of it, and so was I. "I would only do it because I wanted the whole rapport with him and his history. I had an idea of doing STAY ALIVE by the CLOVERS, which is on the flip of LOVE POTION NO. 9, and then he could tell me some more stories about Bobby Darin. That's what would have made it worthwhile." But Plant is still planning a Honeydrippers reunion in 2007 - they'll perform as part of a St Valentine's Day (14FEB07) charity concert in Dudley, England, to raise money to pay for brain cancer treatments for a pal.