Fans of Robert Pattinson and the Twilight movie series have begun camping in Los Angeles, three days ahead of the Breaking Dawn: Part1 premiere due to be held in the city's LA Live complex.
According to Bbc News, fans have begun descending on the venue, setting up tents and sleeping bags in a bid to catch a glimpse of stars Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart at Monday's premiere. Michelle Thompson, a Twilight fan who is sleeping outside LA Live, said, "I have seen all the Twilight movies. I have been to all the premieres (except the first). I tweet. I blog. I am very active in Twilight community. To just be a part of this event, it's everything". The movies, based on the original novels by Stephenie Meyer, follow the story of vampire Edward Cullen and his girlfriend Bella Swan. Despite often being ripped apart by critics, the films have been a commercial sensation grossing $1.8 billion worldwide. Lindsey Jacob, another fan who is camping out in the hope of seeing the cast, said, "My friends and I have been following the Twilight stuff.We decided we were gonna go big and do LA". The final movie, split into two parts, sees Bella finally marry Edward and become pregnant, while the vampire and werewolf tribes prepare for one last battle.
Pattinson has already begun his post-Twilight career and will play the lead in David Cronenberg's film adaptation of Don DeLillo's classic novel 'Cosmopolis'.