Robert Pattinson told Kristen Stewart how ''disgusted and disappointed'' he was by her affair with Rupert Sanders when they met up.

The 'Twilight' hunk - who ended his four-year relationship with the brunette beauty in May following her 2012 fling with the director - had a reunion with Kristen in Los Angeles recently, where he told how much her affair hurt him.

A source told OK! magazine: ''There were a few of those long pauses. Rob said he had moments where he missed her, then thought about what she did and was disgusted and disappointed.

''Kristen was quiet mostly, she let him say what he wanted and she admitted she thought about him all the time too and it was very hard on her as well.''

Following their clear-the-air talk, the couple are considering rekindling their relationship.

The insider added: ''They are starting to get past some of the emotional wreckage left after Kristen cheated. They have a long, long way to go before getting back together but it's a start.''

Robert was also said to be worried ahead his meeting with Kristen, with a photographer who saw him enter her house saying: ''Rob looked nervous on his way to visit her. He was trying to be discreet so no one would see him.''