According to a Times of India piece published yesterday, Robert Pattinson has finally responded to Kristen Stewart's seemingly endless flood of texts and phone calls, in what is possibly the first time the two have spoken to each other in some time.
Speaking, maybe, but forgiving, no way! That's what People have to say about the whole furore anyway, with the magazine revealing that a source close to Rob has admitted that the Twilight star is "heartbroken and angry."
As well as this, it has been revealed that the actor has been turning to the drink and been trying to off-load his pain on his friends as a means of dealing with the heartache. So if he is talking to Kristen again, it is doubtful that he has a great deal of pleasantries to exchange with her.
Meanwhile, also according to People, Kristen is having trouble coming to terms with what she has done, with the magazine stating that she is "remorseful" and she is "beating herself up over [the affair] this".
Robert has been spending time at Reese Witherspoon's ranch in southern California since news of Kristen's infidelity emerged in a bid to get away from the glare of media attention. Although, since news of his whereabouts broke it is doubtful that he is getting the peace and quiet he desired.