Robert Pattinson has nothing but ''fond memories'' of his time spent starring in the 'Twilight' franchise.

The 31-year-old actor starred as moody vampire Edward Cullen in the popular movie franchise, and whilst he was known for bemoaning his involvement in the series, he has now claimed the experience was ''magical''.

Speaking to E! News, he said: ''It's all fond memories. It's almost more fond the further away you get from it. I mean, it's such a magical way to spend your 20s, it's completely crazy. I still haven't really processed it. I mean I always thought that there would be more of a fallout, a psychological fallout years later, but I just look back and it's just all amazing.''

It comes after his 'Twilight' co-star and former girlfriend Kristen Stewart - who played his on-screen love interest Bella Swan in the franchise - recently admitted the series had helped ''make her who she is''.

She said: ''Every part that I've ever played has shaped me in such a significant way ... I know from an outsider's perspective you might have something to say about that like in general. But I kind of view it as every other thing that I've invested in and really loved. And I'm lucky to have had that experience.

''I never really look back at my life and go, 'What did that mean?' I got a lot from it and it's made me who I am.''

Meanwhile, Robert previously claimed his life has become ''a lot less stressful'' since the popular saga came to an end in 2012, and he is thankful he no longer comes under the scrutiny he used to and is able to make more fulfilling career choices.

Asked how life now compares with the 'Twilight' years, he said: ''It's a lot less stressful. And in terms of the work I'm doing now, it feels more honest and authentic.

''I used to be treated like a baby bird that needed to be protected from the outside world and I hated that.

''I like having people around me now who are willing to tell me what they really think.

''I like having my management let me know if they think I'm making the wrong choices. I hate the phoniness that comes with the business sometimes.''