Robert Pattinson liked getting to be the ''cool guy'' in his new Dior Homme commercial.

The 33-year-old actor - who has a dance routine in the new fragrance campaign - wouldn't like to extend the clips into a full movie because he does't think he could ''pull off'' the parts but finds it ''satisfying'' living a new character in brief moments.

He said: ''I would never choose to play a part similar to the parts in these ads in a movie. Because I don't think I'd be able to pull it off in a feature-length amount of time.

''But knowing that you can be a cool guy for, like, 45 seconds, it's quite satisfying. I guess dancing in front of, like, 200 people by yourself too--that's definitely not in my comfort zone whatsoever.''

The 'Lighthouse' star used to borrow his dad's cologne when he was younger and go through the rituals of shaving - just without a razor.

Asked the first fragrance he ever wore, he told W magazine: ''I was thinking about this earlier. I think it was Joe Bloggs. I think my dad had it.

''Do you know the kind you get at a gas station and it just says 'cologne'? I think it was that, or maybe Old Spice.

''I used to pretend to shave when I was a kid before I needed to shave and I put it on all the cream and everything and then did the whole process.''

And Robert recalled the effort he used to go to when he was on family holidays.

He said: ''I used to put it on when I'd be on holiday with my sisters. They'd be teenagers getting ready and I'd put on some kind of after shave and then grease my hair back with Vaseline and put it into a little rattail ponytail at the back and put on cycling shorts and everyone had to call me Johnny.''