Actor Robert Pattinson has changed his Los Angeles cycling route after police officers raided a nearby parking lot commonly used as a meeting place for sex.
The Twilight hunk often rides his bike around town for exercise, but he has since altered his course upon learning his original path involved cruising through an infamous dogging spot, where lovers would meet to get busy in their cars.
He tells U.S. talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, "I was kinda trying to travel around with these bicycles and I used to drive (sic)... down the street... with my assistant... wearing the little shorts... and I didn't realise... but it's an infamous dogging spot.
"I used to turn up in the parking lot, looking at everyone going, 'Why are all these guys sitting around in their cars all the time?' And I'm going there every day kinda thinking nothing of it, coming out in my little Lycra (spandex) pants. And then one day there was a big raid as I was there."
And the 26 year old cannot believe he did not pick up on the kinky sex exploits earlier: "It seemed pretty obvious afterwards."