Robert Pattinson only cycles in London.

The 31-year-old actor splits his time between London and Los Angeles, but when he is in his hometown he loves nothing more than hopping on his bicycle and peddling around the city, which he cannot do in America.

The 'Remember Me' star told Time Out London magazine: ''I split my time between here and LA, but London is still my favourite city. I don't think I could stay in the same place for more than six months though. I don't have any nesting instinct.

''I'm always walking around everywhere - although I walk like a maniac. I cycle everywhere in London, which I really miss when I'm in LA.''

Robert has admitted having a career in the film industry has its pitfalls, as he is constantly worrying whether he will be unemployed.

He said: ''I used to get so panicky in public areas, and I'm only just starting to get over it.

''That's the other weird thing about acting: you're constantly worried about being unemployed.''

And 'The Lost City of Z' heartthrob has admitted he also felt ''negative'' about his career after filming 'Twilight', which saw him portray Edward Cullen in the fantasy franchise alongside ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart, because fans queued up outside his home to see him.

Asked about his relationship with the saga, he said: ''I feel like I've always had the same answer. It was fun and it's not like I signed up on an eight-picture deal, I knew it was finite. I had to be 17, there were only four book s and there weren't going to be any more. The only time it felt negative when people were waiting outside m house a few years ago.''

But being the centre of attention was not the only downside for Robert as he has admitted he dislikes the moniker ''R-Patz'' he has been given, which he thinks is ''unfair''.

Speaking about the nickname: ''That's the one thing: Why some people end up with a moniker and some don't. It's really unfair that I ended up with a moniker''.