Robert Pattinson has dubbed the #MeToo and Time's Up movements as ''pretty amazing''.

The 31-year-old actor has claimed he is thrilled to see Hollywood stand up against sexual harassment after a string of executives - including Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey, and Louis C.K. - were accused of multiple counts of sexual misconduct.

Speaking to Variety at the Berlin Film Festival over the weekend, the 'Damsel' actor said: ''If you feel that you've been wronged, and you feel that you don't have the right to tell people about it and you feel that you're being bullied into silence, it's one of the most awful things in the world.

''So it's amazing when any kind of dam breaks and people feel they've got the numbers to say, no, you'll be safe to say whatever has happened to you. It's pretty amazing.''

Robert is the latest star to throw his support behind the movements - which started after Harvey Weinstein was first accused of sexual harassment in October last year - and fellow actress Saoirse Ronan recently stated there was a ''female revolution'' happing in Hollywood as a result.

She said: ''There is a female revolution going on right now.

''We're just at a point where you can't escape and we have to do something about it, on both sides - men and women.

''I can see in our industry that so many women have come together to actively pursue civil rights and create a safer and fairer environment.

''We've gone from saying, 'Yes, we really need to make a change and we've all got to stick together' to, 'Oh f**k, we really need to make a change.' Now more than ever, feminism is at the core of my life.''

And 22-year-old model Gigi Hadid recently showed her support for the movements too, as she claimed she was ''so happy'' to see women bravely opening up about their experiences with sexual harassment.

She said: ''I'm so happy that people are finding their power and the strength to be able to come out and be brave. It's definitely putting priorities in the right place.

''No job is ever worth being uncomfortable. That's something that my mom taught me ... She never sugarcoated that stuff for us. She just said, 'If you're ever uncomfortable, you know, no job is worth staying.' So I just want girls, girls coming into the industry to know that they have that power.''