Robert Pattinson is ''constantly living in terror''.

The 'Twilight' star doesn't like taking time off work because he fears losing ''momentum'' in his career, plus he enjoys his job too much to take a break.

He said of the possibility of taking months off: ''I think I'd come back and my house would have flown off.

''I would have absolutely nothing. I'm constantly living in terror... If you experience a loss of momentum, you don't want that to happen again. And I really enjoy working. There's no part of me that can go off and disappear.''

And the 34-year-old actor enjoys being surrounded by people who work in Hollywood.

He told Variety magazine: ''There's something about people who work in the film industry -- they very much wear their heart and dreams on their sleeve.

''There's so much desire falling out of them. I think people in other jobs, their dreams aren't valued as highly. Also, there's nowhere to put them.''

The 'Lighthouse' actor even enjoys it if his cab drivers recognise him and try to pitch their own movie ideas to him.

He said: ''I'm so, so into it. I don't want to be in LA to talk about f***ing restaurant reservations. I want to be in LA because I love movies.''

Despite being a household name, Robert insisted he doesn't have any of the ''power'' that goes with fame.

Explaining how he couldn't get a ticket to see 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' in the cinema, he said: ''It's literally impossible to get a ticket anywhere in London... ''I used to have a tiny bit of power. And the power is completely gone. I can't do anything anymore.''

He jokingly added: ''I actually just called my publicist: 'Can I get some free stuff? Just anything!' I just want a package.' ''

While his upcoming role as Batman is expected to ignite public interest in the actor in the way he's not been scrutinised since his role in the 'Twilight Saga', Robert isn't too concerned because he thinks Instagram has taken the pressure off.

He said: ''There's no money in it for people to follow you around. There are just so many photos of me you can get in a black baseball cap getting a diet peach Snapple. Or on Friday night, getting a Kit Kat...

''I made it impossible for people to follow me. I'd be completely hermetic. It wouldn't be worth it to wait outside my house, because I wouldn't come out.''