If you're a fan of Twilight star Robert Pattinson and you have been feeling concerned about how his carer might pan out, now that the Twilight trilogy has ended, you can let go of that breath that you've been holding, now. You may have been wincing a little, at his performance in 'Bel Ami' (and hey, who wasn't?) but it's all going to be fine. Pattinson has taken unusual side-step from the world of the teen movie franchise and has hopped into bed (figuratively speaking) with David Cronenberg for his latest movie 'Cosmopolis'. And it looks as though the gamble might just pay off for the young man formerly known as Edward Cullen.

Pattinson's busy promoting the film in Cannes and so far the response to Cosmopolis has been largely positive. In fact, in some quarters (particularly France), it has been positively rapturous. French publication Les Inrockuptibles was one of the first in line to praise the movie, saying "Cronenberg chose Pattinson. A brilliant idea..." And Telerama was equally gushing, claiming "an actor is born." Though perhaps they simply weren't aware of the Twilight trilogy?

The Chicago Tribune have reported that the movie's been picked up by the distributor NonStop Ent. Cosmopolis is one of the movies that have been nabbed by the Scandinavian and Baltic distributor, along with Michel Gondry's 'The We and The I' and Morgan Spurlock's 'Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope'. If nothing else, Pattinson has managed to grab the attention of the world's movie media. He's already got another Cronenberg movie in the pipeline, so his confidence in 'Cosmopolis' is apparent and right now, seems to be infectious.