Robert Pattinson gets more ''abuse'' in England than in the US.

The actor - who plays hunky vampire Edward Cullen in the 'Twilight' series - has admitted people in his native Britain like to poke fun of him a lot more than his American fans.

He told Digital Spy: ''I get a lot more abuse in England. That's just a general English attitude, I did the same thing to famous people. It's just your instinct.''

The 26-year-old actor also confessed he gets recognised just as much on both sides of the Atlantic since the the films based on Stephanie Meyer's best-selling novels came out.

When asked where people recognise him more, he replied: ''I don't know, actually. I used to be able to be in England and just be fine. No-one had any idea who I was - it came later in England. Now, it's relatively similar.''

Rob recently reconciled with his co-star and real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) after she publicly admitted in July she had cheated on him with married 'Snow White and the Huntsman' director Rupert Sanders.

While the actor may be bothered by constant attention from fans worldwide, he recently admitted he is ''worried'' about the 'Twilight' franchise coming to an end after 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' next month as he fears the ''fragile economy''.

He explained: ''It's slightly worrying. It's a fragile economy at the moment.

''I felt a lot more free in the first ['Twilight' film], it felt quite dangerous. This one, you know your fate is still going to be at the front of it, but you have a lot less control than the beginning so it's kind of scary.''