The rumours have been bubbling under for some time, regarding the possibility of Robert Pattinson joining the cast for the next instalment in the Hunger Games franchise. Now, the rumour has been lent a certain degree of credence by a US blog which claims to have inside info on the matter. Think MCFly Think claimed to have "received a tip the studio is chasing Robert Pattinson to join the cast of Chasing Fire" in the role of Finnick, a previous winner of the titular Hunger Games.
The rumour seems to be based largely on the fact that Pattinson once worked with the sequel's director, Francis Lawrence. This would surely be an uninspired career choice for Pattinson, though, to return to the world of the teen movie franchise. Considering he is earning himself a great degree of respect with more mature movies such as David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis (currently causing a stir in Cannes), a Hunger Games role would seem like something of a backward step for the young actor.
Commentators on the blog are less than convinced, however. Many have slammed the idea of Robert taking on the role, with one user even accusing the blog of perpetuating a rumour simply to get more hits on the site. 'Eva' posted a comment saying "What kind of "tip" does this Tmt get it from? Totally untrue. Now everywhere is referring this article to create rumor. If you want to get more "hit" in this article, you succeeded."