Robert Pattinson thinks there is something ''alien'' about Hollywood.

The 'Twilight' star is fascinated by the Los Angeles district and believes it is home to a lot of strange people.

He told 'Yahoo! Movies': ''I think there's definitely something alien about [Hollywood], mainly because people who act, they're just people who ... they examine themselves a lot more and like to talk about it.

''And I think if you're spending a lot of time being self-obsessed you just end up being kind of a weirdo.''

The 28-year-old also revealed that he has ''a lot of patience'' for the weird people of Hollywood, but insists that, despite the city being his home, he doesn't think he is weird himself.

He explained: ''It's kind of interesting. But I don't know if my view of Hollywood is particularly like that, I always find weirdos kind of entertaining and interesting and have a lot of patience for them for some reason.''

Meanwhile, Robert previously revealed that he is ''self-obsessed'', admitting that he always worries about what he says in interviews.

He said: ''I self-obsess a lot. When I'm doing interviews I'm always waiting for some stupid remark to come out.

''I try to avoid getting into any subject where I'm locked into something. It's not like I'm a politician or something.''