British actor Robert Pattinson is delighted filmmakers are lining up a TWILIGHT sequel - because he hardly features in the tale.
Pattinson is set to star in the follow-up film, New Moon, after the vampire flick was an overnight success, taking $7 million (GBP4.6 million) on its opening night in the U.S. alone.
And the star is encouraged after reading the book producers will base the movie on - because his character, teen vampire Edward Cullen, takes a back seat in the story.
He tells British morning show GMTV, "They've started making the second one. It's going to be shot in March next year (09). The second book is my favourite book - I'm hardly in it."
Fans have been going crazy for the stories and the film adaptation - and Pattinson is wary of angering them.
He adds. "I'm worried about that because the fans of the book will go nuts if it's changed in any way."
Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart will reportedly earn $12 million (GBP8 million) each for the sequel.