Robert Pattinson has certainly squirmed his way through the last three promotional interviews for David Cronenberg's new movie 'Cosmopolis', which begs the question: did he want to go out on the press tour at all?
Just a couple of weeks after finding out his girlfriend Kristen Stewart had cheated on him with Rupert Sanders, it's hard to believe that Pattinson would have wanted to be plonked in front of journalists and beamed to millions across the world. But that's exactly what he's done - firstly on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, and then on Good Morning America and at a New York Times event on Wednesday. Each interview has predictably contained awkward moments, with interviewers keen to steer the conversation away from Cosmopolis and in the direction of Kristen Stewart. As for the actor's promotional requirements, E! Online said, "Most film contracts compel an actor to help promote a film in some way. Exactly how much trumpeting an actor does-interviews, premieres, junkets, photo calls, photo shoots, public appearances, international press tours-depends on the star, the type of movie and the art of the deal". Entertainment attorney Ken Basin elaborated, saying, "For a lower-level actor, a contract will say the actor is obligated as much and whatever publicity the studio tells them to do.The only limit is that, if the actor has to travel to do it, the studio will pay for travel and expenses". Basin adds that the bigger stars will pick and choose which outlets interview them, though noted, "I would guess he's (Pattinson) at the level where he can decline specific outlets, but he still would be required to approve reasonable alternatives".
Recently revealing that he's never hired a publicist, it's likely that Pattinson is going with the flow and doing what the studio asks of him. He's probably well aware that public opinion is well and truly in his favour. Kristen Stewart doesn't have such an easy ride.