The cast of 'Twilight', Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, MACkenzie Foy and novelist Stephenie Meyer have discussed future sequels and remakes of the popular vampire franchise, at Comic-Con.

Talking about possible remakes, Pattinson thinks the idea is 'amazing' but feels sorry for the person who would take over his role as Edward Cullen. Stewart is also open-minded to the idea, admitting that she'd be "really curious to see what it was" while writer Meyer is less convinced of it working. "I think it would be really interesting in like, 20 years", she said at a Comic-Con press conference according to E! Online, "but it'd be so hard!" She also admits that she wouldn't feel it was the same should a reboot take place.

When the subject came round to the suggestion of a sequel, both Stewart and Meyer had reservations about it. Stewart likes that the series is over and that the ending is "so abundantly satisfying and sweet and ideal", and Meyer believes Stewart's character Bella has definitely reached the end of her story. In spite of this, it seems that Stewart is saddened at having to finally walk away from the franchise that brought her together with boyfriend Pattinson. She added that she would be "so happy" to do reshoots if she was asked to.