Breaking Dawn - Part 1, the penultimate movie in the huge grossing Twilight vampire franchise, hits cinemas worldwide on Friday (November 18, 2011) with millions of fans expected to see Edward, Bella and Jacob in the latest instalment - the film is expected to take over $100 million this weekend.

Though critics are less than enamoured with the movie, the general consensus is that diehard fans are unlikely to be disappointed and director Bill Condon at least adds some nice touches in his first outing behind the Twilight camera. Fans of the film have been anticipating the wedding of Bella and Edward for months, but Scott Bowles of USA Today said, "The wedding is as storybook as the romance, which explains why there are so many 'Twilight' moms: Bella is perceptive and patient, saving sex for marriage. Edward is loyal and has been waiting a century to lose his virginity". Another hugely anticipated scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1 is the 'Honeymoon sex scene', which Robert Pattinson and KIRSTEN STEWART have been talking up in recent weeks, however, acclaimed critic Robert Ebert was left rather deflated, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, "What happened? We have no idea. The movie doesn't show us! Yes, the most eagerly awaited deflowering in recent movie history takes place entirely off-screen".

As mentioned, the reviews are unlikely to put off Twilight fans from heading to the cinema this weekend, with some insiders claiming Breaking Dawn Part 1 could take the Twilight franchise gross to over $2 billion at the end of its run.