Twilight fans will be glued to their comfy chairs next Wednesday (August 15, 2012), when Robert Pattinson appears on Good Morning America - one of the biggest shows on U.S. television. One of the world's most popular actors publicizing his new movie is no big deal right? Sure, but we're guessing the GMA presenters will be looking to steer the conversation in an altogether different direction. Unless you've been living under a rather large rock in the past couple of weeks, you'll be aware that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are going through a rough patch. In fact, the latter admitted to cheating on the British actor with her director Rupert Sanders. Ouch. With all this in mind, we assess five possible outcomes from Pattinson's forthcoming interview.

1) The whole thing goes swell for the actor and his team. He gets to plug David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis' (for which he earned rave reviews) while simultaneously remaining upbeat, happy, smiley and definitely not concerned with a cheating 22-year-old actress from Los Angeles.

2) The media-shy Pattinson takes issue with Good Morning America's presenter's line of questioning. We're almost certain that they'll at least try and get the actor to speak about Stewart's affair, and when that time comes, the world's eyes will be scrutinizing his every word. The Twilight star will almost certainly not want to speak about the relationship breakdown, though he may be forced to at least refer to it (i.e, "I don't want to talk about that").

3) Pattinson opens up about the whole thing and speaks of his broken heart. Highly unlikely, but even a couple of words from the actor would make headlines in the entertainment world. The PR opportunity to present the star as a victim of love is clear, though we doubt Team R-Patz would want to go down this route.

4) The actor weeps on live television and openly fields questions about the affair. He totally forgets to plug 'Cosmopolis', leaving David Cronenberg and several studio bosses ripping their hair out in the process.

5) He publically accepts the apology from Kristen Stewart and agrees to get back together. All is well in Twilight kingdom and the world moves on.