Rob Kazinsky thinks Reese Witherspoon is an ''utter dream'' to work with.

The 'Hot Pursuit' actor discussed what it's like working with leading ladies and revealed above all, his co-star in the film, Reese, 39, is 'endlessly talented'.

He said: ''Well, I'll say this: You have expectations. I've got to work with some really great people over the years. I've had a very esteemed CV, and more often than not, it's very rare to meet icons that even come close to meeting expectations, let alone exceed them.''

Although he has worked with a variety of women, the 31-year-old film star admitted working with the 'Legally Blonde' actress was one of his best experiences he's had due to her exceptional talent.

He gushed: ''And Reese, she was just. .. I mean, she was just an utter dream. She was kind, she was open, she was welcoming. She was professional. She was endlessly talented. I mean, take after take after take of brilliance. And it was kind of - not just inspiring, but in a sense of this is what you aspire to be, that good. And for her to be that good and that kind, that's huge.''

However, the actor couldn't help but joke he was doing a favour for ''struggling actresses'' by working with them.

Speaking to Spinoff Online, the 'Hobbit' star joked: ''Yeah, I mean, you know, it's nice to do favors for struggling actresses sometimes, just to throw them a bone. You know, help them get a job. It's, you know, nice of me.''