Veteran film producer Robert Evans chose an unusual way of proposing to his new bride LADY VICTORIA WHITE - he pasted an image of his head over a picture of her dead husband.

Evans, 75, met White at a 30th anniversary screening of his classic movie CHINATOWN, and made her his seventh wife when they exchanged nuptials on Saturday (06AUG05) in Mexico.

And he employed an unconventional method of wooing the twice-wed 42-year-old, when he pasted an image of his head on a snapshot of her late husband's body.

He explains, "(It was so she) can have us both by her bedside at night.

"She's the only girl I've ever married who's not an actress or an aspiring actress, and you have no idea what a pleasure that is... I wasn't impulsive (in getting married) this time. I waited over six months."

Evans was previously married to SHARON HUGUENY, CAMILLA SPARV, Ali MacGraw, Phyllis George, Catherine Oxenberg and, most recently, LESLIE ANN WOODWARD.