Movie producer Robert Evans has hit out at Adrien Brody's Best Actor acceptance speech at Sunday's OSCARS - insisting he should have shown more grace to director Roman Polanski.

Evans, who produced Polanski's 168 Oscar-nominated movie ROSEMARY'S BABY thinks Brody should have gone further in his praise of the director.

Evans - who watched the ceremony on screens at the Vanity Fair party says, "That kid should have gotten down on his knees. At that point in the show, Roman was a long shot. Imagine if that was the only recognition Roman had.

"I wanted to put my fist through the TV set.

"If it weren't for Roman, he'd be working at Nate and Al's (delicatessen).

"I know how hard Roman worked with him to mould that performance."

Evans is also convinced the decision to award Polanski the long-awaited statuette means Hollywood has forgiven him for his rape of a 13-year-old girl in 1977.

He adds, "This gives him back his dignity, which he certainly deserves."