Actor Robert Englund had a near miss while filming one of the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films - when he almost injured himself with his fearsome costume.

The 54-year-old plays horror hero FREDDY KRUEGER in the film series, and is currently back on screen in Freddy Vs Jason, which sees him take on FRIDAY THE 13TH's evil monster JASON VOORHEES.

And while he gets a kick out of playing Freddy, Englund admits the costumes - especially the razor-sharp fingers - can be a problem.

He says, "Once I had a really bad itch under the makeup, and I had the 'kill' gloves on. I just scratched really light - but I almost sliced off the bottom of my nose!

"That's why you have to have a guy to help you go to the bathroom, or you'll change your religion."

19/08/2003 13:31