A NIGHTMARE OF ELM STREET star Robert Englund is trying to persuade veteran scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis to reprise her role as LAURIE STRODE for one more Halloween movie.

Englund, who is famous for playing razor-fingered FREDDY KRUEGER, wants to team up with Halloween hellraiser Michael Myers for what he hopes will be another box office hit.

But Englund will only take on the project if semi-retired Curtis returns to the big screen.

He says, "The way it's conceived it would be a hell of an acting chore for her (Curtis), because she would get to do sort of a rehab/recovery performance, and it would be really fun.

"You could imagine, just see that whole arc of the character, from being damaged and addled and weak, then getting your strength back. It's that great old thing, the gunfighter who loses their courage.

"My idea is to couple her with a strong stepdaughter or daughter, so you have female heroines, which is that great Nightmare on Elm Street thing, except this time you have double the fun."

Englund reprised his Freddy Krueger character for surprise 2003 horror hit JASON VS FREDDY, in which he came face to face with another scary movie icon, FRIDAY THE 13TH's JASON VORHEES.

21/03/2005 21:45