Robert Duvall will star alongside Robert Downey Jr. in 'The Judge'.

The 82-year-old actor is in talks to play 'The Avengers' heartthrob's father in David Dobkin's new murder mystery for Warner Bros., after Jack Nicholson turned down the role.

The film will see a successful lawyer (Downey) returning to his home town for his mother's funeral only to discover his estranged father - the town's judge, who is stricken with Alzheimer's disease - is the main murder suspect.

During his attempt to uncover the truth, he finds himself rekindling his bond with his family and decides to represent his dad in court.

Nick Schenk wrote the drama/comedy's original script and Bill Dubuque redrafted it for Team Downey and Big Kid Pictures.

Tommy Lee Jones was also a hot contender for the role of the judge, but the studio decided to opt for Duvall, Variety reports.

Vera Farmiga and Elizabeth Banks are being considered for the part of Downey's ex-girlfriend.

'The Godfather' actor Duvall recently appeared in 'Jack Reacher' opposite Tom Cruise and has just finished filming independent flick 'A Night In Old Mexico'.