Robert Duvall had the cast and crew on new movie GET LOW cowering in fear whenever they were around him - because The Godfather icon was an intimidating "time bomb", according to co-star Bill Murray.
The actor admits he was struck by Duvall's presence on the film set - but he refused to walk on egg shells around the star like the rest of the crew and tried to engage him in some playful banter.
He explains, "(There was) tension around the set. This guy is a time bomb and the ticking is audible. And so I just remember being on the set and the first day - this guy's very serious... people are just (staying) 12 feet away from him. I don't work that way. I try to be very loose and relaxed all the time. I just started - every take, in between - I was just messing with him."
The Ghostbusters funnyman was convinced his co-star was going to lose his temper until Duvall's wife, Luciana Pedraza, encouraged the serious actor to lighten up - because she was tickled by Murray's antics.
Murray recalls: "I figured he's gonna hit me anyway, I might as well get it over with... Turned out his wife thought I was funny. So that was it, I was done. I kept thinking he's gonna come in with a big piece of metal and take it right over my head. But then she walked in the room and she said (to Duvall), 'He's good, he's funny, just go along with it.' So that's what happened I guess."