Movie legend Robert Duvall pulled out of the third The Godfather movie after learning Al Pacino was being paid almost four times as much as he was.

Pacino has been vocal about how dreadful the third film in the Godfather trilogy was, but Duvall insists his thoughts about the quality of the film had nothing to do with his decision to turn down a return as TOM HAGEN.

He explains, "If they paid Pacino twice what they paid me, that's fine, but not three or four times, which is what they did."

"(Director Francis Ford Coppola) came to my farm, parked his car. I said, 'I know you always wanted the crab cake recipe, let me cook it for you.' Oh, he loves to eat, so I cooked the crab cake.

"He was more concerned that he forgot the crab cake recipe than would I be in Godfather III."

08/01/2004 02:25