Robert Downey, Jr. has been staging movie nights for the cast and crew of Iron Man 3 - so they can keep up with all the latest film releases.

The actor reveals he has been booking theatres so he can sit down with his pals from the set and check out Oscar-worthy movies with experts.

He tells Entertainment Weekly, "We do something that involves movies and our love of movies."

And Downey, Jr. admits Iron Man 3's cinematographer John Toll has really helped his enjoyment of the current slate of top films: "One (film we saw) was the Wachowskis' film Cloud Atlas (which Toll shot). We were impressed with how cohesive the direction was, and obviously everything that John shot was amazing.

"We saw Flight, which was great, and before that it was Argo, which was also kind of cool. It's nice knowing that you can (go to the) theatre every weekend and see something good. And it's great to see what people are doing and to get excited about it."