Actor Robert Downey Jr believes he'll stay away from drugs for good now after years of struggling with addiction.

The 38-year-old screen star says his life is no longer a battle because he's finally made the decision to keep himself clean for good.

He notes, "I know there's all the stuff about it's a disease, it's a moral dilemma - but I think at the end of the day, it's the lack of making a solid personal decision. Sometimes the stakes have been so high that it's clear."

Downey says he was completely clean during filming of new movie THE SINGING DETECTIVE - and his producer girlfriend Susan Levin has kept him away from any temptation.

He adds, "Susan said, 'Don't do any more or I'm splitting.' "

And he's relieved his troubled past hasn't upset 10-year-old son INDIO.

Downey says, "I sit down and I think I'm going to tell him how it is, but he doesn't want to hear that. He'd rather talk about how his curveball looks that day or whatever."

14/10/2003 21:04