'Iron Man 3' has begun filming in Wilmington, North Carolina, with details of the movie being kept safely under wraps - until now. The Latino Review report that filming took place outside for the first time on Wednesday (May 30, 2012), though security "locked everything down" to ensure nobody could get photographs of the costumed actors on set.
However, some crew member "opened his mouth" and accidently let slip the identity of the movie's villain, as well as the actor who will play the role. Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man will reportedly battle 'The Mandarin', played by Sir Ben Kingsley in the third instalment of the comic book franchise. The character - who first appeared in the 1964 Marvel comic 'Tales of Suspense' - is described a superb athlete, skilled in various martial arts. His strength allows him to split Iron Man's reinforced alloy armor with repeated blows, and he can survive for years without food and water. With the casting of Guy Pearce as Killain, another of Iron Man's arch enemies, it's likely that Kingsley will take a back seat in the movie, with the Latino Review saying, ".prepare to see Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin in 'Iron Man 3.' He may not be in it as much as we're expecting, because The Mandarin might survive 'Iron Man 3' to feed into something like 'Avengers 2".
'Iron Man 3' - directed by Shane Black and reportedly set in China - is slated to hit cinemas in 2013.