Iron Man 3 footage finally arrives! Hot on the heels of the hugely successful Marvel Comics adaptation Avengers, comes the third instalment in the Iron Man franchise. Comic Con, of course, is the place to be when it comes to sneak previews of films such as this and E! Online have revealed some insider's secrets (spoiler alert!) from the Iron Man 3 footage that was shown at the convention. And it seems as though the movie's lead actor, Robert Downey Jr, is in fine form for what may well be his last performance as the superhero.
Iron Man 3 will see former director Jon Favreau step down (though he had the good grace to show at Comic Con and will appear in the movie, too) and his chair is being filled by Shane Black. This latest episode in the Iron Man tale sees Tony Stark's seaside mansion razed to the ground by an airborne firing squad. His armor's gone and has to be entirely replaced (a scenario not dissimilar to the start of Dark Knight Rises, for the eagle-eyed amongst you). Part of the footage shown at Comic Con revealed Robert Downey Jr doing a "cocky dance sequence," trying out his new suit.
What we also learn is that Sir Ben Kingsley will be playing the role of the super villain, Mandarin. Also joining the cast will be Stephanie Szostak, though her character is yet to be identified. You may recognise Szostak from her performance in Dinner For Schmucks, playing Paul Rudd's girlfriend.