Robert Downey, JR. wants to eventually retire from acting and step behind the camera to direct.
The Hollywood star remembers actor/director Mel Gibson dismissing the idea of directing while they worked together on 1990's Air America, shortly before he started dabbling behind-the-scenes.
And the Iron Man actor is now convinced he wants to follow his former co-star into the director's chair.
He tells the Los Angeles Times, "The great thing was working with Mel right before he went off and did Hamlet and started directing. I remember him telling someone on the set, 'I would never be a director, it's a terrible idea,' and three years later he couldn't not direct.
"That's kind of where I'm heading towards now. I feel it's almost irresponsible learning what I've learned and having the influences and relationships I've had to not try to infuse that with movies more as a director."