Robert Downey Jr has urged film fans not to pay attention to the religious uproar surrounding his pal Mel Gibson's new movie The Passion, because it's amazing.

Gibson came to Downey Jr's rescue when the actor was struggling to overcome his drug problems by offering him a role in his movie THE SINGING DETECTIVE - and now the former ALLY McBEAL star is showing his support as the Aussie actor faces a critical mauling.

Religious watchdogs have savaged Gibson's upcoming film because it follows the last hours of Jesus Christ's life, and is very graphic - but Downey Jr has seen it and feels it's a breathtaking achievement.

He says, "I can't wait to see it again. There are things that happen during that film that blow doors off all the films that I've ever seen that made me want to be in films.

"It's astounding and it comes from a specific point of view. At some juncture you have to make the choice and say I'm gonna go forward, damn the torpedoes and go straight ahead and that's what he did."

09/10/2003 09:06