Robert Downey Jr. insists he wasn't responsible for the decision to fire Terrence Howard from the IRON MAN sequel, revealing he was sad to see his pal dropped from the movie.
Howard was recently shocked to learn he wouldn't be reprising his role as Iron Man/Tony Stark's best pal Jim Rhodes in the 2010 sequel. He dismissed reports a salary row was to blame, insisting studio bosses had dropped him in favour of Don Cheadle, who will take on the part.
Downey Jr, who plays Iron Man/Stark is keen to stay out of the row - but insists he was not responsible for Howard's firing.
He tells MTV news, "I had nothing to do with that decision. I love Terrence very very much. That’s all I’ll say because I haven’t talked to him yet.
"It’s one of those situations where I still don’t quite know what happened or why. Here’s what happens too: things happen and you wind up commenting on them before you’ve actually talked to the people and it’s in poor taste."