Movie star Robert Downey Jr is desperate to pursue his burgeoning music career - but hasn't got enough money to cover performance and recording fees.

The 39-year-old recently released an album called THE FUTURIST and collaborated with stars including SIR Elton John, Pink and Rod Stewart for Sharon Osbourne's tsunami charity single.

But he's devastated his dream of becoming a full-time singer has been shattered, because he hasn't got enough funds to pay for the expensive career change.

Downey Jr says, "There's places I've been offered to gig and I think it would be fun. I thought I was going to open for Duran Duran but now I've got a movie started, I couldn't get it together.

"And the going rate for opening for a band on tour is about $0.75 (GBP0.38), and I'm not in a position to pay my musicians and the people who come to help me get my rocks off. It was just really impractical."

08/03/2005 14:37