IRON MAN star Robert Downey Jr. has publicly thanked fast food chain Burger King for helping him overcome his personal problems and resurrect his film career.
In 2003, the actor - who, at the time, was battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol - was driving a car filled with "tons of f**king dope" on California's Pacific Coast Highway when he decided to stop at the burger joint for a meal.
And the trip to the fastfood outlet caused him to re-evaluate his whole life.
He says, "I have to thank Burger King. It was such a disgusting burger I ordered. I had that, and this big soda, and I thought something really bad was going to happen."
According to Britain's Empire magazine, Downey Jr. proceeded to throw all his drugs into the ocean, resolving to clean up his act then and there.
The actor goes on to hint that a fateful moment in new movie Iron Man, when his character Tony Stark requests a cheeseburger from Burger King after being released from his captors, is a reference to his own experiences.